Welcome to Isefjærleiren

Naturist campsite  in beautiful South Norway

Phone: +47 37 27 49 90 /  +47 906 63 137      E-mail: Booking

Address: Isefjærleiren Naturistsenter, Isefjær, N-4770 Høvåg, Norway


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Here we are!

Address: Isefjærleiren, Isefjær, N-4770 Høvåg

GPS: 58° 11' 22.2108'' N; 8° 12' 0.6408'' E   

And this is how to find us:

From Oslo: Take exit 86, turn right at first roundabout, road 420. When in Vestre Vallesverd, turn right into road 401 heading Høvåg.

From Stavanger: At Rona, turn right into road 401 heading Høvåg.

Fly to Kristiansand airport (Kjevik);

Take a bus or train to Kristiansand;

Rent a car, take a taxi, take a lokal bus (note, local busses are not in service on Sundays) or ask for the possibilities to be picked up!